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About Jewel Connections

Julie-Ann at Jewel Connections offers psychic and mediumship readings, with the intent of assisting clients gain insights into their own life or comfort if grieving for a loved one who has passed.


Julie-Ann’s Story

Julie-Ann has always had a strong trust in her own intuition and after relocating from Sydney to Hervey Bay QLD, she began to further develop her own awareness. She attended a psychic development group and a weekly meditation circle for several years.  In addition, she has attended the Arthur Findlay Spiritual College in England on many occasions – studying energy work, trance, trance healing and mediumship.


julie-ann - owner and psychic behind Jewel Connections Hervey Bay
julie-ann psychic readings hervey bay - julie-ann at the brolga theatre for a psychic event

Julie-Ann loves expanding her knowledge on a variety of spiritual topics; however, particular interest areas are healing (both physical and grief), mediumship and trance.  

Healing is a very strong calling for her and she is a Reiki Master, both teaching and performing Reiki, as well as a spiritual healer. 

Julie-Ann has performed platform oracle card readings, delivered ‘sharings’ at the local spiritual church and volunteered with a healing group.  


Years of Experience

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Psychic & Healing Services

How Julie-Ann can help you…

Julie-Ann leads both mainstream and spiritual workshops and development groups, conducts healing sessions, delivers public demonstrations of mediumship and offers face-to-face, telephone or online readings that integrate psychic, mediumship and healing skills.

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Psychic Readings

A Psychic reading gives information about, and insights into, the client’s human life; through topics such as career, relationships, issues being experienced, travel, spiritual path, etc.


30 minute & 60 minute reading available


A range of techniques may be used, such as numerology, oracle cards and intuition.

mediumship sessions - communicating with the dead - psychic session

Mediumship Readings

A Mediumship reading involves connecting to the soul of someone deceased in order to pass on proof of their continued existence and other information for the client.


30 minute session available


No guarantees are given as to the Spirit Communicator(s) who will come through

reiki healing services hervey bay - energy healing

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, complementary to conventional healing.  Practitioners transfer universal energy to the client through their hands in order to encourage emotional, mental and physical healing.


45 minute session available


Please allow 1 hour as the session usually takes about 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes discussion time.

Mission & PASSION

What drives Julie-Ann?

One of Julie-Ann’s great passions is sharing her knowledge with others and assisting others to experience amazing insights and advances, both personally and spiritually.  In order to achieve this, she and her colleague Michelle formed Spiritual Development Online.  Together, they are a dynamic team with a very strong energetic connection, combining seamlessly to create a wonderful learning environment in their workshops.

Find out more about Spiritual Development Online via the Facebook page.

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White Water Rafting on the River Faith

Julie-Ann has also written a short e-book, titled White Water Rafting on the River Faith, providing insights and comfort for those caring for elderly, disabled or palliative loved ones.

white water rafting on the river faith by julie-ann from jewel connections